Pixel Love

By Ruggles
Pixel Heart DIY Pop-up Card Template by Popupity

DIY Retro Video Game Pop-Up Card

Make a special pop-up card for the retro video game lover in your life. This pop-up card features Tetris-style blocks on the cover, cute video game doodles on the envelope, and a 16-Bit heart pops on the inside. Easy to make in minutes with simple craft tools. Print on white card stock and follow along with the tutorial below.

Size: 5.2 x 4.4 in / 132 x 112 mm (card opens on long edge)

How to Craft the Pixel Heart Pop-up Card by Popupity

How to Make the Pixel Love Pop-Up Card:

  1. Download & Print the Template – Open the template (.PDF) and print on white card stock. 65lb weight cardstock feeds easily thru most printers and is thick enough to support the pop-up movement.
  2. Score the Folds – with a ruler and your favorite scoring tool, score along all dashed lines. Scoring intents the paper with a groove and guides it where to crease.
  3. Cut the Pop-Up Support – with a craft knife, cut along the solid lines marked on the inside card. A cutting mat under your paper will help control the knife while cutting with the blade.
  4. Cut Out the Cards – with scissors, cut out the inner and outer card pieces.
  5. Fold the Pop-Up and Cards – Carefully begin to fold the pop-up supports for the heart. Crease folds with a bone folder. Fold the center crease on the outer card.
  6. Glue Inner & Outer Cards Together – Apply glue to the back of the inner card and attach it to the outer card. Line up the folds on both cards and double-check it’s not upside down!
  7. Trim the Edge – Check the edge of the card for any missed alignment. Trim with scissors to clean up the edges.
  8. Make the Matching Envelope – Score along the dashed lines, then cut out the envelope with scissors or a craft knife. Fold and crease flaps inward to form the envelope. Glue the two side flaps and bottom flaps together, insert the card, and seal the envelope. Tip: It’s easier to address the envelope before inserting the card.
3D Pixel Heart Pop-up Card Project by Popupity