Rainbows & Unicorns

By Ruggles
Unicorn Pop-Up Card with Rainbows, Hearts, and Cupcakes from Popupity.

DIY Unicorn Birthday Pop-Up Card

Craft a magical birthday pop-up card for the unicorn in your life. This colorful design oozes happy birthday. Includes a full range of numbers so you can customize the age! Download the printable pop-up card template and watch the follow-along video tutorial below. Matching rainbow envelope included.

Size: 5.2 x 4.4 in / 132 x 112 mm (card opens on long edge)

DIY Unicorn Pop-Up Card Template and Tutorial by Popupity

How to Make the Rainbows & Unicorn Pop-Up Card:

  1. Print the Template – open the template (.PDF). Print on white cardstock. I find 65lb weight cardstock feeds easily thru most printers and is thick enough to support the pop-up movement.
  2. Score Folds – with a ruler and your favorite scoring tool, score along all dashed lines. Scoring intents the paper with a groove and guides it where to crease.
  3. Cut Pop-Up Supports – with a craft knife, cut slits for the pop-up support on the inner card (blue with hearts background). A cutting mat under your paper will help control the knife while cutting with the blade.
  4. Cut Out All the Pieces – with scissors, cut out the inner and outer card pieces. Then, cut out the rainbow, unicorn, cupcake, and age number. Be sure to cut within the teal area so no white shows on your final pieces.
  5. Folding – fold the pop-up supports on the inner card forming four ‘L’ shapes. Then, fold the middle fold on the outer card.
  6. Attach the Pop-Up Scene – apply glue to the four ‘L’ pop-up supports and attach the rainbow, unicorn, and cupcake.
  7. Sandwich Inner & Outer Cards – apply glue to the back of the inner card and sandwich it inside the outer card. Double check the internal card is not upside down! The outer card conceals the pop-up cutouts for a finished look.
  8. Make the Envelope – Score along the four dashed lines and crease each fold. Apply glue to the side flaps and seal the lower flap first, then insert the card and repeat for the top flat. Tip: It’s easier to address the envelope before inserting the card.
Easy to Craft Unicorn Pop-up Card from Popupity