Bluebird of Love

By Ruggles
Bluebird of Happiness 3D Pop-Up Box and Matching Envelope by Popupity

DIY Pop-Up ‘Exploding Box’ Style Card

Pop-up Template and Tutorial: Create a bouquet of happiness with this DIY pop-up box. Complete with flying hearts and adorable bluebird soaring above the flowers. The box folds flat for mailing, then pops up to create a joyful display. Simple to make with paper, scissors, glue, and plastic from the recycle bin. Get the template and watch the instructions below.

Size: 2.3 x 2.3 x 4.8 in / 56 x 58 x 122 mm (folds flat to fit in envelope)

Printable Pop-Up Card Template for 3D Pop-Up Card, Exploding Box Style with Bluebird and Hearts by Popupity

How to Make the Bluebird Exploding Box Pop-Up Card:

  1. Download & Print the Template – open the template (.PDF) and print on white card stock. 65lb weight cardstock feeds easily thru most printers and is thick enough to support the pop-up movement. Use the thickest cardstock your printer can handle.
  2. Score the Folds – with a ruler and your favorite scoring tool, score along all the folds marked with a dashed line on the box. Scoring intents the paper with a groove and guides it where to crease.
  3. Cut the Box – with scissors, cut out the box. Carefully cut between each flap.
  4. Cut the Bits – with scissors, cut along the green and blue area around the bird, flowers, and hearts.
  5. Cut Clear Plastic Strips – raid your recycle bin for stiff clear plastic. Cut seven strips approximately 0.24 x 2.5 in (5 x 70 mm) in size.
  6. Glue Bits to Strips – Glue the hearts and bluebird to the clear strips. Set aside to let them dry.
  7. Fold & Glue Box Flaps – Fold and crease the box and wording flaps. Glue each flap down so there is pattern on both sides.
  8. Inside Box Supports – Fold the long strip in the shape of an ‘S’. The A + B labels should be facing out. Matching up the A + B labels, glue the ‘S’ strip inside the box. Glue each of the short panels to the box sides.
  9. Square the Box – Form the final corner of the box, gluing the rear tab on the wording panel. Note: Tab goes inside the box.
  10. Glue Flowers – attach the flowers to the first panel inside the box. Adjust up and down to your liking.
  11. Glue Bird & Hearts – place the bluebird first, centered on the middle panel in the box. Then add in the hearts, placing the hearts at different heights, angles, and depth to your liking.
  12. Make the Matching Envelope – Score along the dashed lines, then cut out the envelope with scissors or a craft knife. Fold and crease flaps inward to form the envelope. Glue the two side flaps and bottom flaps together, insert the card, and seal the envelope. Tip: It’s easier to address the envelope before inserting the card.
3D Pop-Up Card, Exploding Box Style with Hearts and Bluebird by Popupity. DIY print and make project and template.