Love Letters

By Ruggles
DIY Love Pop-Up Card Template by Popupity

DIY Pop-Art Inspired Love Pop-Up Card

You can’t buy love, but you can send some love with this colorful pop-up card. This DIY pop-up card is for card makers of all skill levels. You’re going to make an impression when this envelope lands in their hands. Simple to make with paper, scissors, and glue. Get the template and watch the instructions below.

Size: 5.2 x 4.4 in / 132 x 112 mm (card opens on long edge)

How-to make the love letters pop-up card by Popupity.

How to Make the LOVE Pop-Up Card:

  1. Download & Print the Template – Open the template (.PDF) and print on white card stock. 65lb weight cardstock feeds easily thru most printers and is thick enough to support the pop-up movement. Use the thickest white paper your printer can handle.
  2. Score the Folds – with a ruler and your favorite scoring tool, score along all dashed lines on the inner and outer card. Scoring intents the paper with a groove and guides it where to crease.
  3. Cut the Pop-Up Support – with a craft knife, cut along the solid lines marked on the inside card. A cutting mat under your paper will help control the knife while cutting with the blade.
  4. Cutting Time – with scissors, cut out the inner and outer cards, the letters, and the heart.
  5. Fold the Pop-Up and Cards – Carefully begin to fold the pop-up supports for the letters and heart. Crease folds with a bone folder. Fold the center crease on the outer card.
  6. Glue Inner & Outer Cards Together – Apply glue to the back of the inner card and attach it to the outer card. Line up the folds on both cards and double-check it’s not upside down!
  7. Trim the Edge – Check the edge of the card for any missed alignment. Trim with scissors to clean up the edges.
  8. Make the Matching Envelope – Score along the dashed lines, then cut out the envelope with scissors or a craft knife. Fold and crease flaps inward to form the envelope. Glue the two side flaps and bottom flaps together, insert the card, and seal the envelope. Tip: It’s easier to address the envelope before inserting the card.
Love Letters Pop-Up Card You Can Craft at Home